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Hornady Leverevolution 450 Marlin 325 grain FTX (Box of 20 Rounds)

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Manufacturer Information:

Ever since its introduction in 2006, LEVERevolution ammunition has brought grandpa's lever action rifle out of retirement and turned it into a firearm everyone is shooting. Featuring a soft polymer flex tip, it's tough enough to stand up to a jacketed bullet, but soft enough so it won't dent the primer of the round in front of it or cause accidental firing in a lever gun. This new technology makes LEVERevolution cartridges safe in tubular magazines. LEVERevolution ammunition features up to 40% more energy than traditional flat point loads and travels up to 250 fps faster. Feed your lever gun with a box today!

The patented Flex Tip Expanding (FTX) bullet features an interlocking design that keeps the core of the bullet and the jacket together creating a deeper penetrating, more humane kill. Not only that, they offer controlled expansion, enhanced accuracy and the delivery of flatter trajectories. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

Technical Information:

·         Caliber:  450 Marlin

·         Bullet Weight:  325 Grains FTX

·         Bullet Style:   Jacketed Hollow Point w/Polymer Tip

·         Case Type:  Brass Cartridge

Ballistics Information:

·         Muzzle Velocity:  2,225 fps hyper velocity

·         Muzzle Energy:  3,537 ft-lbs

Quantity Packs:

·         Style: 20 Rounds in plastic tray, in cardboard box.

Recommended Platforms:

·         Works in every 450 Marlin Platform.

·         Large Prey hunting, capable of taking down anything in North America or anything that gives you a dirty look.

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